Lucaffé Mamma Lucia coffee beans 1000g

Lucaffé Mamma Lucia coffee beans 1000g

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Lucaffé Mamma Lucia coffee beans 1000g
Manufacturer: Lucaffé
Barcode: 8021103782572


Lucaffe Mamma Lucia coffee beans is a blend of about half robusta and half arabica beans. Roasting is quite strong and gives a spicy and strong espresso flavor. Like all Lucaffe mixtures is roasted under the typical Italian tradition, that is slowly and carefully in a rotating drum which results in a harmonious mixture of fine, spicy aromas. It has the typical sweet and malty chocolate aroma and flavor characteristic of a Lucaffe mixture. The high proportion of robusta and slightly harder roasting makes this a perfect espresso blend for cappuccino and latte, often fit perfectly with fully automatic machines that often requires a bit heavier coffee to deliver a perfect espresso.

1000g whole coffee beans