Coffee Pods (E.S.E)

Easy Serving Espresso is the generic name for coffee pods that are 44mm in diameter. It is an open system, which means that anyone can produce pods that fit into these machines.

Coffee pads (Senseo)

Coffee pads is the collective name for coffee pods that are 62mm in diameter. It is a system that was created by Philips and Douwe Egbert and it is also an open system, which means that anyone can produce pads that fit into these machines.

Capsules (Lavazza Point/Maki)

These are the capsules suitable for Lavazza Point and similar machines. The open standard is called I Espresso System (IES) and it has similar dimensions as the Lavazza Point capsule, which means that both systems capsules are suitable for both types of machines, but there are exceptions.


A system developed by Gaggia in Italy that many coffee roasters offer. The system is semi-open as the roasters may not produce the capsules themself, instead they are all made in Gaggia's own factories.

A Modo Mio

This is Lavazza's system that is focused on the domestic market. We offer capsules from both Lavazza and Molinari.


One of the first large capsule systems developed by Nestlé. This system was at first a closed system but is now open to all coffee producers.


This is a popular home system manufactured by Mondelez (Kraft). There are many popular brands such as Gevalia and Marabou.

iperespresso (illy)

This is really two systems in onefrom illy. Both capsules are called iperespresso but one has the extension Professional and capsules does not fit in the other systems machines so you have to know which system you have and just buy capsules that fit into that machine.

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