johan & nyström Ethiopia Welena coffee beans 250g

johan & nyström Ethiopia Welena coffee beans 250g

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johan & nyström Ethiopia Welena coffee beans 250g


Marking: EU-Ecological
Manufacturer: johan & nyström
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johan & nyström Ethiopia Welena coffee beans are from Shakiso and these differ distinctly from coffee grown in, for example, Sidamo and Yirgacheffe, although the general descriptions are similar; citrus, floral aroma in the washed coffee, and strawberry and tropical tones in the sun dried. The coffee here is generally more fruity than Yirgahceffe and Sidamo, more berries and more powerful in the body. Soil is an explanation, regional varieties another and the long fermentation - in the washed method - with all sugar on the mucilage, a third.

Ethiopia Welena currently consists of only washed coffee. The washed coffee is peeled after picking in a traditional machine that keeps all sugar left on the mucilage. The coffee is fermented with all sugar remaining in water basins between 35-48 hours, depending on the weather (the warmer, the faster fermentation). And then it is washed in long channels, which separates the really mature berries. The coffee is then left in a water bath for a further 24 hours to get a really full-bodied acidity.

Coffee plantation Welena - and Suke Quto's sister farm - is located in Oromia, one of Ethiopia's largest regions. The farm itself is in a zone called Guji in Oromia's southern part, the local area called Shakiso, adjacent Sidama and the Gedeo zone.
Traditionally, in Shakiso, not much coffee grows since the soil is full of gold, which attracts people from all over the country to come here in the pursuit of luck. This was one of the reasons why Tesfay and his partners decided to start a coffee plantation in 2001, to provide a more stable income to the local population, and to create a more lasting infrastructure.

250g whole coffee beans

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