johan & nyström Colombia Decaf coffee beans 250g

johan & nyström Colombia Decaf coffee beans 250g

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johan & nyström Colombia Decaf coffee beans 250g
Manufacturer: johan & nyström
Barcode: 7350045061294


johan & nyström Colombia Decaf coffee beans is a coffee with a nice fresh sweetness, medium richness and a aftertaste that is absolutely pure and very enjoyable. According to the roster, it is certainly the best caffeine-free coffee you will ever drink.
The coffee beans comes from a special process station in the city of Manizales. DESCAFECOL processes advanced caffeine coffee with a total focus on quality, taste and durability, and unlike most of the caffeine-free coffee in the world, this particular lot arrives fresh, directly from the desks of the nearby farms.
The coffee was procured directly by 11 small farmers around the towns of Pitalito and Oporapa in this celebrated coffee region. These lots are all harvested within a ten day period and then processed according to the usual washed method.
For decaf, the coffee is brought down to Manizales and DESCAFECOL. The method used at the decaf factory is based on a combination of crystal clear mountain water and an ester called ethyl acetate, which is naturally extracted from the molasses from cane sugar. Ethyl acetate is also common in a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
Without subjecting the beans to unnecessarily high pressure or high temperatures, with the aid of sophisticated steam technology, it is possible to extract only the caffeine from the coffee. This then maintains the natural cell structure of the bean as well as flavor and aroma.

250g whole coffee beans

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