Sole Italia Natura ecological ground coffee 250g

Sole Italia Natura ecological ground coffee 250g

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Sole Italia Natura ekological ground coffee 250g



Sole Italia Natura ground espresso coffee are organic from head to toe.
It uses entirely recyclable packaging.

A cup of health.
Thanks to the perfect blend of the best Arabica beans, a very environmentally friendly roasting technology called Aria pulite (clean air) a fantastically tasty and healthy coffee is the result.
Clean air roasting provides the following benefits:
- An excellent uniform color of the coffee
- A total absence of contaminants in contact with the coffee
- Strengthening of coffee organoleptic properties
- The best flavor and aroma of Italian espresso coffee

Every single part of the packaging is recyclable, instructions for proper disposal is printed on the packaging.
The commitment to the environment means:
- Recyclable packaging
- Reduced consumption of energy in production
- Reduced consumption of energy for transportation

Most important of all is that this is a heavenly aromatic coffee with a divine taste!

250g ground coffee