johan & nyström Kenya Double A coffee beans 250g

johan & nyström Kenya Double A coffee beans 250g

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johan & nyström Kenya Double A coffee beans 250g


johan & nyström Kenya Double A coffee beans is a coffee that is floral in taste, with taste notes of elder, currant and nettles.
The Kirinyaga and Nyeri districts are one of the most renowned in Kenya. Clean, fruity and sweet flavors are what makes coffee from this region so popular with coffee makers worldwide. Kiriani in Kirinyaga was opened in 1963 and is part of the Thika Giki Farmers Co-operative Society in the western Kirinyaga district of Kenya. The association consists of about 2500 small farmers, with farms at 1800 meters altitude. The harvest takes place in November and December each year and the farmers grow SL28, SL34 but also some Ruiru11. The coffee is washed in fresh water and then dried on raised African desks.

All coffee in Kenya is graded based on the size of the bean, where larger beans have traditionally been seen as better. Larger beans often grow at higher altitudes, are more compact and get higher flavor points, but this is not always the case. In Kenya, AA is the largest beans, then AB and then C. There are even more ratings, but these do not apply to what is considered specialty coffee. It is however not essentially the size that matters, but the quality of the taste of the roasted coffee.

Kenyan coffee is what many associate with specialty coffee and it is famous for its distinctive flavors of currants and citrus.

250g whole coffee beans

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