johan & nyström Ethiopia Guji coffee beans 250g

johan & nyström Ethiopia Guji coffee beans 250g

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johan & nyström Ethiopia Guji coffee beans 250g


Label: EU-Ecological
Manufacturer: johan & nyström
Barcode: 7350045061218


johan & nyström Ethiopia Guji coffee beans characterize everything Ethiopian specialty coffee can be. Tasty, sweet and intrusive hints of red berries and jam.
The small subregion Guji in southern Ethiopia is a well-known and top-performing coffee producing area. This is a unique coffee that has been in vogue for several years and which is easy to love. Around the stations the coffee grows at altitudes of nearly 2000 meters above sea level.
After picking the berries are dried on raised beds and to produce these natural-processed coffees of quality Grade 1 is particularly challenging. It is a quality which unripe and overripe berries are carefully sorted out to make room for those with just the right sugar content. That way you can guarantee a sweeter and cleaner cup of coffee. When the berries are dried to a humidity of only 12% they are harvested of the yellow-green beans in the interior of the berries. Then it take further sorting before the coffee is prepared for export.

The current process station will vary by availability and quality, and we print the name on the side of each bag.

250g whole coffee beans

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