Drop Coffee Wote Ethiopien coffee beans 250g

Drop Coffee Wote Ethiopien coffee beans 250g

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Drop Coffee Wote Ethiopien coffee beans250g


Drop Coffee Wote Ethiopia coffee beans are one of the month of May beans at the Swedish specialty coffee producer that we now start working with.
Drop Coffee has been working with this coffee for couple of years and they are pleased and proud of what comes out of the roaster.
The coffee comes from Gedeo region in Yirgacheffe it is delivered by a hundred small farmers who deliver their coffee to Wote which takes care of the beans.
Because the beans comes from so many different farmers and the coffee grows wild in Ethiopia the coffee that gives Drop Coffee Wote Ethiopia consists of no less than 26 different coffees. All the variants are under the generic Ethiopian Heirloom, in this case Yirgacheffe type.
Here are some notes from cupping (tasting) at Drop Coffee:
Coffee Flower and black tea aromas.
Pointed acidity with a selection of classic Yirgacheffe flavors like bergamot, hints of flowers of black tea, jasmine and lemon.
Somewhat sweet taste of apricot.

The coffee is open, lively and delicate with very complex fruit notes, medium body with a great juiciness.

250g whole coffee beans