Coffeeduck for Senseo latte

Coffeeduck for Senseo latte

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Coffeeduck for Senseo latte


With Coffeeduck for Senseo latte, you can also use your own flavored ground coffee!
The Senseo principle is based on the espresso system, well known in the catering industry, which use finely ground espresso coffee for full flavor.
Until now Senseo coffee is made from finely ground coffee in bags.
Since medium-and coarse-ground coffee provides thinner taste it is recommended that you use finely ground espresso coffee for optimal taste.

Benefits of Coffeeduck:

• Can be used for 1 or 2 cups depending on taste
• Easy to clean, can be machine washed
• For both pouches and ground coffee
• Optimum flavor with ground espresso coffee!

Fits: HD7850, HD7860

1pc Coffeeduck for Senseo latte